Our Goal

Finding keto friendly foods in the grocery store can be a tedious task at best. Our goal with KetoDB is to obviate that process by offering a database containing only keto friendly foods along with a source to purchase them.

The Plan

You can search KetoDB or browse foods by category. Each item is listed with the essential nutrient information that keto dieters need to know when selecting foods. In order for this database to realize it’s full potential we’ll need help from the keto community.

Get Involved

While the database contains nearly 5,000 items, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s available. You can add your favorite foods on the Submit Food page to share them with fellow ketoers.

Add Your Input

Leaving comments and reviews can help others on the keto diet to decide which products are awesome, and which are awful. See something you like? Give it a rating. Know another store that carries a particular food? Leave a comment. Notice a glaring mistake? Report the post and we’ll fix it.

Spread the Word

If you find KetoDB useful then chances are you know someone else who will too. Sharing the site with other keto diet communities, forums, and social networks will help get more people involved. More active users means a more complete and useful database for everyone.